About me

I’m a postdoc at LMU Munich/Germany. My research interests cover the construction and assessment of reliable software systems with a focus on software testing and execution determinism.

I wrote my Ph.D. thesis on fault injection tests for operating systems (WinCE, Android/Linux) and helped colleagues to apply the same techniques to other software stacks (AUTOSAR, HPC benchmarks, open source libraries). After my Ph.D., the focus of my work has broadened and I have been working to assess and improve testing techniques for C and C++ software. I am currently exploring root causes behind non-deterministic test behavior (so-called ‘flaky tests’) and investigate differences and similarities between software fault injections and mutation testing.

In my spare time I practice Aikido, a Japanese martial art, run a few miles now and then, or desperately try to improve my poor Japanese language and cooking skills. 宜しくお願いします。